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Diamond D Puppy Archives

Veterinarian Owned and Operated by
Dr. Doug Dierking, DVM (Retired) and his wife Doreen, as well as
Raina Lindseth, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician)


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Customer Pictures


Bayne Tilton's Byron

That's what you call "barkin' up the tree!"

Yummy rope!

Yummy slippers! Not good Byron!

Dan's dog Charlie -- a feather hound!

Solo's pups with the kids -- Malcolm (above) & Ella (below)

Clay Trimble's dog -- Haus

Another feather hound -- Colliton's Abby (on right)

Copper LaPierre

and the kids

Copper as a puppy

Growing up

Jackson's Sparky

Wieferich's Zoe

Tison's Tulip, with it's rabbit,
and the kids

Beagles and Kids 

Kids & Beagles

Go hand in hand!

Martin's Scout

Holman's Lucy

And more Lucy

Roger's Badger

Howell's Maizy

Jackson's dogs -- Brandy & Chunky (next 6 pictures)


Egge's Bailey as a pup

Bailey gettin' big!

Shea's pups -- Hickory & Chestnut

Taylor's puppy!
Or is it?

Zoe & Julie

Quincy's sister

Barkley Schauff

Barkley w/ a Friend

Brandt Girls (Blonds) w/ their Two Pups

Emma w/ Valiant (Male)

Molly w/ Peanut (Female)

Macklin's Pup Rylee

 New Rylee and Old Buddy

Sierra Monastiere w/ Pup Nellie Belle At Diamond D Kennels
(Doc and Doreen on either side of Sierra)


Nichole Austad's Pup Cooper

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